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Science and Medicine

IHC is able to offer almost unlimited methods of assistance within the fields of forensic medicine and Science. If requested, we will supply an expert to assist in answering the critical question presented by your individual claim. As examples of the ways in which general science investigation may assist in the carefully selected claim, IHC has in the past been involved in arson investigation through the identification of accelerants, evaluation of paint chip samples to distinguish actual vehicle impact from the alleged source of collision, gas chromatography to identify and distinguish particulate matter or contaminants, biological and burn patterns and blood types to place different occupants within a vehicle in order to identify the probable driver, evaluation of vehicle crush patterns as an assisting analysis to an accident reconstruction, analysis of prevailing wind and air density in connection with alleged poisoning from a vehicle chemical spill, and evaluation of electrical current and amperage issues as factors in cardiac arrest. Using a combination of scientific methods and medical evaluation, IHC also offers medical analysis of video surveillance as a tool in the appropriate case.

As in all IHC services, our Science investigations may be tailored to fit the particular client's needs. Science investigations are often most useful when combined with other reports in order to complete the full range of investigations which may be crucial in handling your serious claim. Please see our Engineering, Legal and Medical descriptions of IHC SERVICES which may be of interest.

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