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Peer Review, IMEs, Biomechanical, Impact analysis 


INTERNATIONAL HEALTHCARE CONSULTANTS, INC. started in the early 1980's with a beginning in medical claim utilization review, primarily focusing on healthcare analyses. IHC has been in the forensic support industry for 35 years and has built an enviable reputation for quality and expertise. 

Over the years, IHC has expanded its focus and enviable reputation to now include all areas of medical expertise. We provide specialized analysis of medical cases in virtually all medical specialty areas. Support of these medical consultations is provided by engineering and other scientific evaluations as they are relevant to each particular claim issue.

At all times, IHC requires that its consultants maintain total objectivity in each and every file. Our reports provide comprehensive reviews of the information provided, with an emphasis on the fairness of the determination and conclusions which are presented. IHC offers its objective evaluations to attorneys and any other professionals who may have need of objective scientific and medical forensic reporting.

For a summary of our more frequently requested consultations, please see our home page. For special services and other inquiries, please contact IHC at 770-926-0062.

We look forward to hearing from you.